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Install your wallbox

Take advantage of our professional installation partners and have your wallbox safely installed. We prioritize your safety and the optimal performance of your charging experience that is why we created a network of experts that know our products to ensure their full potential is released. To offer you a seamless charging experience we will recommend you the best professionals in your country.

Installation in 4 simple steps

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Choose your country and fill the form with your information to be contacted by an EV installation specialist.

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Home Check

Make an appointment to assess if your electrical system is ready and find the most suitable place for the installation.

Get a

Our partner electrician assesses the situation and prepares a customized non-binding installation offer including all measures and costs for installation.

Wallbox installation

Our partner electrician will connect your wallbox in accordance with local regulations and your energy supply contract.

Our partners

The perfect installation partner

Choose your country and we will put you in contact with the best partner for you.

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