Free2move eSolutions for a zero emissions Mottarone


April 11, 2022

Free2move eSolutions for a zero emissions Mottarone


Turin, April 11, 2022 – Free2move eSolutions is the protagonist of a special environmental initiative together with NHOA and Atlante: the installation of a charging station on the arrival platform of the Mottarone cableway, donated to the territory to encourage sustainable tourism and zero-emission mobility.

The initiative is part of a Carabinieri project. Following the tragedy of 23 May 2021, during operations to remove the cable car cabin, 80 trees had to be cut down to allow the Fire Brigade’s helicopters to operate safely.

On a steeply sloping terrain like the one where the cable car crashed, the absence of so many trees could cause major risks of landslides and it is necessary to restore safety to the area as soon as possible.

For this reason – thanks to the availability of the nurseries of the Piedmont Region and with the hope of conveying a positive message in memory of the victims and to restore the right vitality to an area that has been particularly suffering ever since – the Carabinieri Corps is giving Mottarone 90 trees, which will be transported, planted and protected by the soldiers of the Corps and some volunteers who have made themselves available.

In the presence of the local authorities and Atlante’s CEO Stefano Terranova (representing the NHOA Group), numerous children from some local ski clubs together with their coaches symbolically planted the first trees on the arrival apron of the cableway, while all the others will be positioned in the area of the tragedy.

Two demonstration recharging stations have been positioned in the same place: an easyWallbox – to which an electric car of the Carabinieri and a Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid have been connected – and a fast charging Atlante, which is an integral part of the structures that allow the rapid recharging of electric cars in Italy and will soon allow them to do so on the roads of Portugal, Spain and France.

As soon as all permits have been obtained, thanks to the Free2move eSolutions technology, the NHOA Group will install a definitive recharging system that will allow anyone reaching the summit of Mottarone to recharge their vehicle, electric or even only plug-in hybrid, free of charge, starting off with zero emissions, thus doing good for the environment and tourism.

The support of Free2move eSolutions and the NHOA Group in an initiative such as the one promoted by the Carabinieri will help to give new impetus to an area of our country of considerable environmental interest so that it can become a model of sustainable tourism that respects the environment and above all the communities that live there.