Free2move eSolutions speeds up the transition to e-mobility


May 4, 2021

Free2move eSolutions speeds up the transition to e-mobility


Was held today the press conference to present Free2move eSolutions, the joint venture between Stellantis (through its Company FCA Italy S.p.A.) and Engie EPS, aimed at supporting and facilitating the transition to e-mobility by offering innovative, tailor-made electrical solutions for both individual and corporate clients.
Following the closing of the transaction on Monday 3 May 2021, the first Board meeting of the joint venture was held and during this meeting the composition of the Board of Directors of Free2move eSolutions was confirmed. Six members, headed by the Executive Chairman Carlalberto Guglielminotti (from Engie EPS and Young Global Leader 2020 of the World Economic Forum) and the CEO Roberto Di Stefano, from Stellantis. The other members of the Board of Directors are: Brigitte Courtehoux (CEO of the Free2move brand and member of the Stellantis Global Executive Committee) and Davide Mele (Deputy Chief Operating Officer Enlarged Europe) from Stellantis; Luigi Michi (former Head of Strategy & Systems Operations at Terna and Executive Vice-President at Enel) and Giovanni Ravina (Chief Innovation Officer), representing Engie EPS.
From the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) plant at Mirafiori, Turin – the epitome of the collaboration that since 2017 bound FCA (now Stellantis) to Engie EPS – Carlalberto Guglielminotti and Roberto Di Stefano announced the start of operations of the new company, established to accelerate the spread of electric mobility, and to complete the Free2move product portfolio with a series of all-round offers dedicated to e-mobility.
As shown on the new company’s website, launched today (, a wide variety of activities, projects and products are offered by Free2move eSolutions. It goes from the easyWallbox – the easy-to-install plug-and-play home charging solution, suitable for private use – to the eProWallbox, a smart, flexible and connected charging device that operates at up to 22 kW and provides to users and fleet managers an easy remote control through a digital platform.
ePublic is ideal for installation outdoors and in public or semi-public spaces, whereas eFleet brings out the very best in flexibility, by providing fast charging and V2G services to electric cars, buses and trucks with a single product.
eFast products will enable fast charging – up to 100 km in under 30 minutes, combining technological innovation and sustainability in the use of second-life batteries from the automotive industry: these are the ideal solution for fuel stations, hotels, commercial buildings and small fleets of electric vehicles.
And then there’s ePost CityWay, the revolutionary patented fast charging solution that leverages existing tram and trolleybus infrastructure to deliver charging in urban settings where grid transformation and roadworks are impossible. All the way to the monthly fixed-fee subscriptions to recharge electric vehicles at home and on the road, with offers calibrated to consumers’ charging habits, which enable the use of 100% sustainable energy, and which make it possible to take advantage of the available government incentives.

During the press conference, Carlalberto Guglielminotti stated:
“Free2move eSolutions is the meeting point between the domain of energy and the automotive world. Indeed, it combines the know-how of Engie EPS, a worldwide player in microgrids and energy storage technology, with the experience of Stellantis, one of the world leading groups in automotive. With Free2move eSolutions, electric mobility will be intended for everyone: we face complex technological challenges to make electric mobility simple and to enable future generations to move and live in harmony with our planet”

CEO Roberto Di Stefano explained that
“Free2move eSolutions does not intend to be a conventional supplier, nor a mere retailer of mobility-related services. Its aim is rather to become something more, to speed up the energy transition and to become a leader in the sector: a global partner that interacts in close contact with customers, that is, anyone who uses an electric or electrified vehicle to get around.”