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About us

We design innovative technologies to lead the transition to electric mobility by offering charging solutions and services that will make this change intuitive and seamless.

Charging freedom

Free2Move eSolutions is a joint venture between Stellantis and NHOA (formerly Engie EPS) ready to become an international leader in the design, manufacture and supply of eMobility products and services.

With our innovative and pioneering spirit, we will lead the transition towards new forms of mobility, with a new set of offers 100% dedicated to electric mobility, completing the eSolutions portfolio. We rely on a team of young talents with great skills and specific knowledge to design, develop, produce, distribute and market all over the world simple and innovative mobility solutions, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Thanks to our continuous disruptive technological innovation, radical digitalization and a pioneering approach to development, production and offer, Free2Move eSolutions simplifies the approach and transition to the mobility of the future.


Our mission is to be pioneers in developing innovative and simple eMobility solutions by:

  • Facilitating the transition to electric mobility by offering a full suite of accessible charging solutions and services as well as a seamless and simple customer experience
  • Supplying our customers with a cutting-edge digital journey
  • Promoting sustainability and respectful actions towards the environment
  • Combining technological innovation and sustainability with market competitiveness

We want to create a more sustainable world by offering innovative solutions and services anticipating our customers’ needs and guaranteeing a cutting-edge, easy and intuitive electric mobility experience.