Free2move eSolutions and eProWallbox support new Jeep Avenger, starting from media drive


April 17, 2023

Free2move eSolutions and eProWallbox support new Jeep Avenger, starting from media drive


Milan, April 17, 2023 – The introduction of the Jeep Avenger in Europe marks the beginning of the next phase of the electrification of the Jeep brand – the BEV wave – that will see four fully-electric vehicles hit the market by 2025. By the end of 2030, the Jeep brand’s European sales will be 100% pure electric.
Alongside the iconic brand and its BEV models – starting with the Jeep Avenger already from the media drive that is taking place at Malaga, on the Costa del Sol – is Free2move eSolutions and its charging solutions.
First of all the eProWallbox, a complete family of charging devices capable of satisfying the many needs of the most diverse customers: whether those who need to charge their cars in their home garage, fleet managers or those responsible for public or private car parks.
The eProWallbox offers high flexibility in terms of functionality and cost. It has a modular power range from 7.4 up to 22 kW and allows remote charging management, only for those who are enabled, directly from a smartphone thanks to access control.
Free2move eSolutions is one of the most consumer safety-conscious manufacturers of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) in Europe: with the eProWallbox, it has obtained the TÜV Rheinland Type Approved Certification, which is in addition to all the mandatory certifications required by the European Union. Furthermore, the eProWallboxes have been officially validated by Stellantis’ technical bodies and are therefore perfectly compatible with all the group’s electric and plug-in hybrid cars.
In order to enjoy maximum freedom and recharge the new Jeep Avenger on-the-go, Free2move eSolutions offers eSolutions Charging, the app designed to meet the needs of both those taking their first steps in eMobility and those who need to make more frequent use of electric mobility “outside the home”.
Thanks to eSolutions Charging, coverage is guaranteed in 29 countries and around 450,000 charging points. With the app, it is possible to recharge and manage all activities related to charging the Avenger. Two possibilities are offered to users. Pay as you move Beginner is dedicated to those who are taking their first steps in electric mobility and recharge occasionally: for a payment of 90 euro-cents per session it is possible to access the recharging network.
Pay as you move Advanced, on the other hand, is the solution dedicated to those who use recharging outside the home more frequently and habitually and want to make the most of the advantages of electric mobility. For a monthly fee of EUR 4.99, you can access the charging network without incurring any management costs per session.

For Francesco Calcara, Chief Operations Officer of Free2move eSolutions, “it is very important for us to be alongside an iconic brand like Jeep and an… electrifying model like the Avenger, car of the year 2023. It demonstrates our intention to be close to the brand on its rapid growth path towards an all-electric range, supporting its demanding customers with smart and tailor-made offers”.