Arcese and Free2move eSolutions, working together towards an increasingly sustainable mobility


July 15, 2021

Arcese and Free2move eSolutions, working together towards an increasingly sustainable mobility


A multi-year agreement at European level will help to speed up the transition to electric and to improve customer experience

Milan, 15 July 2021 – Today, Arcese, a global logistics operator, and Free2move eSolutions – the joint venture between Stellantis and Engie EPS, a specialist in innovative electrical solutions for individuals and companies – announced the completion of an agreement to develop logistics and last-mile delivery systems, intended to be innovative, accessible, sustainable and simultaneously to ensure ever-higher quality for their business clients.
Arcese boasts long-standing leadership in managing integrated B2B logistics for prestigious brands in sectors such as automotive, industrial and chemical, as well as fashion and luxury. A company constantly attentive to sustainability and to developments in technology, Arcese is already using one new electric e-Ducato from Fiat Professional in a pilot project, aimed at providing zero-emissions deliveries to urban centres.
Arcese is also a global player in the establishment and conversion of major logistics hubs near large urban centres, to provide last-mile delivery services to city centres.
Arcese and F2M eSolutions have established an outstanding partnership, to develop services such as zero-emissions last-mile premium delivery, to provide deliveries to clients that intend to link their brand with high-quality sustainable logistics with a low environmental impact.
The two companies will work to establish sustainable multi-vehicle charging hubs (for cars and commercial vehicles) in multifunctional environments near large urban centres – first in Italy, then in Europe. These hubs will provide the end client with space for work or leisure, integrating vehicle charging with eco-friendly systems to accumulate renewable energy, in turn to generate electricity using solar panels to create a genuine zero-emissions transportation cycle. Advanced Free2move eSolutions charge points will also be installed, for fast charging of commercial vehicles and cars.
The partnership also includes new joint offerings from Free2move eSolutions and Arcese, aimed at providing end-to-end support for large companies in their programs to electrify their sites, to amplify the positive impact in terms of sustainability.
A strategic alliance for Free2move eSolutions, an electric mobility services provider established in June, offering public charging to its customers at over 200,000 points across Europe, with extension of coverage to North America expected in the future.

For Matteo Arcese, Executive President of the Group“innovation and sustainability are the keywords behind this partnership. We aim to continue investing in both traditional and last-mile logistics, in the awareness that the evolution of markets towards digitisation will raise the profile of this sector further and further. We intend to do so according to the same approach we have always followed: an innovative approach based on best practice in the industry, paying particular attention to international environmental sustainability and energy efficiency standards as well as the consequent impact on mobility.”

For Roberto Di Stefano, CEO of Free2move eSolutions“the partnership with Arcese is a big step that will ensure we can quickly and increasingly become a major player in the complex, competitive scenario of the transition to electric mobility. The mission of both partners is to resolve convoluted issues, to ease and speed up the transition, and contribute to a more sustainable future.”