The Free2move eSolutions’ eProWallbox is the partner and official recharger of Jeep Avenger, Car of the Year 2023


January 17, 2023

The Free2move eSolutions’ eProWallbox is the partner and official recharger of Jeep Avenger, Car of the Year 2023


Milan, January 17, 2023 – Free2move eSolutions celebrates together with the new Jeep Avenger – the brand’s first all-electric vehicle (BEV) – the winning of the title of Car of the Year 2023, awarded by a important jury of 57 European automotive journalists. The award was officially presented on 13 January at the Brussels Motor Show, and it is Jeep’s first ever achievement.

The introduction of the Jeep Avenger in Europe marks the beginning of the next phase of the electrification of the Jeep brand – the BEV wave – that will see four fully-electric vehicles hit the market by 2025. By the end of 2030, the Jeep brand’s European sales will be 100% pure electric.

The new Avenger is a compact SUV which, at just four meters in length, is positioned in the rapidly growing B-SUV the second biggest European segment in terms of volume. A new electric powertrain combines a unique 400-volt electric motor with 115 kilowatts and 260 Nm of maximum torque and a new 54 kWh battery.

Alongside the Jeep Avenger is Free2move eSolutions, with the eProWallbox charging device, which offers high flexibility in terms of functionality and cost. With modular charging power ranging from 7.4 up to 22 kW, the eProWallbox adapts to the energy and speed needs of charging operations and is perfect for all types of use: from home use to fleets of both hybrid plug-in and full electric vehicles. In addition, the eProWallbox allows remote charging to be managed by those who are enabled directly from a smartphone and can fully recharge the 54 kWh battery of the Jeep Avenger in about three hours.

Free2move eSolutions is one of the most consumer safety-conscious manufacturers of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) in Europe: with the eProWallbox, it has obtained the TÜV Rheinland Type Approved Certification, which is in addition to all the mandatory certifications required by the European Union. Furthermore, the eProWallboxes have been officially validated by Stellantis’ technical bodies and are therefore perfectly compatible with all the group’s electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

Of course, those who will be driving and charging Jeep Avenger will also be able to use eSolutions Charging, the app designed to meet the needs of every kind of customers, both those who recharge in public occasionally and those who use charging away from home more frequently and habitually. Thanks to eSolutions Charging, coverage is guaranteed in 29 countries and over 370,000 charging points. With the app it is possible to recharge and also manage all activities related to recharging the Jeep Avenger.

“We are at Jeep’s side,” said Mathilde Lheureux, CEO of Free2move eSolutions, “in its ‘from zero to zero’ process, which accompanies the brand to full electrification in a short timeframe. The important award received by Jeep’s first zero-emission SUV is proof that the context of mobility is changing rapidly and we at Free2move eSolutions (thanks to products like the eProWallbox and services like eSolutions Charging) are ready to accompany this increasingly rapid transition towards complete electric mobility”.