Free2move eSolutions features at the smart EQ fortwo e-cup, completed yesterday with the final three races at the Magione circuit


October 17, 2022

Free2move eSolutions features at the smart EQ fortwo e-cup, completed yesterday with the final three races at the Magione circuit


The eProWallbox and easyWallbox charging devices available to competitors have made it possible for the 23 cars taking part in the championship to benefit from fast and efficient charging, in the spirit of eSolutions

Milan, 17 October 2022 – Free2move eSolutions’ easyWallboxes and eProWallboxes have featured in the smart EQ fortwo e-cup 2022, which ended very recently. They were used to charge the batteries of the 23 cars that took part in the championship.

Started in May with the Vallelunga stage, the smart e-cup ended yesterday with three races for which double points were awarded (on the Magione circuit, near Perugia), resulting in Gabriele Torelli winning the championship.

A really exciting season led up to the Magione event, with seven drivers still in contention for the title who competed… in silence until the final corner.

They were so quiet because the smart cars taking part in the e-cup were of course strictly electric, and were driven and aroused such excitement on the track thanks to Free2move eSolutions and its charging solutions.

Twenty easyWallboxes and four eProWallboxes were installed in the paddock areas of the various circuits (from Misano and Imola to Varano de’ Melegari and Magione), to supply all the energy that was needed.

The easyWallbox is the ideal solution for easy charging of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, even at home: all you need to do is connect it to a Schuko socket for use at up to 2.4 kW. With a professional installation, it can deliver up to 7 kW, the output used to charge the smart fortwo cars driven in the championship.

The eProWallbox is the ideal choice for individuals, fleet owners and public car parks; it is a smart, flexible and connected device that can operate safely at up to 22 kW. Its 4G/Wi-Fi connectivity options and back-end offer the ability to monitor charging sessions in comfort, using RFID identification technology or via the dedicated eSolutions Charging app. Finally, the eProWallbox charging device has recently obtained TÜV Rheinland Type Approved certification, by complying with this certifying body’s rigorous standards. Free2move eSolutions is therefore one of the European manufacturers of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) that pays the most attention to consumer safety.

During the championship, there were a total of 20 charging sessions, delivering over 10,000 kWh and making it possible to travel around 17,000 km, all with the throttle engaged!

The three races this weekend – like their predecessors – were live streamed on the Free2move eSolutions Facebook page, and on 60 other internet portals. Overall, more than 70,000 users were connected during each race weekend.

In the words of Roberto Di Stefano, CEO of Free2move eSolutions: “the decision to become a partner of the smart EQ fortwo e-cup was motivated by how essential electric mobility is, including for motorsport. As leaders in the industry that is moving towards a more sustainable future of mobility, we wanted to feature alongside cars that produce the same emotions as vehicles with an internal combustion engine when the drivers push the pedal to the metal. Delivering unthinkable performance, these electric cars require fast and efficient charging”.

For Massimo Arduini, President of LPD and organiser of the smart EQ fortwo e-cup: “once again, the championship that has just been completed has shown that even electric cars designed to be driven in the city can result in hard-fought races. The drivers’ great skills and the efficient charging of the cars for every lap did all the rest”.