Free2move eSolutions and Accenture join together to accelerate energy transition towards Net-Zero


July 12, 2021

Free2move eSolutions and Accenture join together to accelerate energy transition towards Net-Zero


As part of a European-wide, multi-year agreement designed to accelerate sustainable mobility, Free2Move eSolutions and Accenture create strategic partnership to help lead the transition toward electric mobility with a mission to solve complex issues and contribute to a more sustainable future

Milan; July 12, 2021 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and Free2move eSolutions, a technology player in eMobility and energy transition, today announced a long-term partnership to accelerate the transition toward Net-Zero.

The partnership is based on three main pillars. First, to develop a subscription-based electric vehicle charging platform to support sustainable mobility with a simpler, more intuitive customer experience. Once the platform is built, Free2move eSolutions customers will gain access to the largest public charging points across Europe–and will be able to use a mix of public and private charging systems across the European network using a mobile app, with a simplified subscription-based payment model.

Currently, most electric car owners can only access charging stations with which they have direct payment agreements–forcing them to frequently take convoluted routes to get to charging stations and adding mileage to their drives. It also means electric car owners typically sign up for multiple payment systems, which makes for neither a convenient nor enjoyable experience. The Free2move eSolutions will vastly simplify the experience for customers.

Second, Accenture will install charging points across Europe starting with its offices in Italy and France, integrating electric vehicles into the grid by adopting Free2move eSolutions technology. Accenture people in these countries will gradually be given access to the charging app, so they can top up at home or on the go.

Third, the collaboration also proposes the development of new joint offerings from Free2move eSolutions and Accenture that will support large companies on their end-to-end fleet electrification journey, thus accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility.

Accenture will ideate, build, test and scale the technology platform that will manage charging solutions and subscriptions. By leveraging its broad capabilities in sustainability services and leading expertise in the cloud, artificial intelligence, analytics and the Internet of Things, Accenture will create a seamless digitized platform.

“We are proud to collaborate with Free2move eSolutions, a major player in e-mobility, to lead the way in both digital transformation and delivering sustainability value for our clients, our people and our communities,” said Jean Marc Ollagnier, CEO of Accenture Europe. “Accenture will rapidly deploy to its fleet the solutions developed by this partnership, which will also help accelerate our industry leading net-zero commitments. The new Accenture Rome Forward Building in Italy will be the first site to benefit from this technology, before expanding into France and then throughout Europe.”

Roberto Di Stefano, CEO of Free2move eSolutions added: “This partnership with Accenture is an important milestone that will allow us to lead the transition toward electric mobility. The mission of both partners is to solve complex issues and we plan to make it easier and faster and contribute to a more sustainable future.”