Free2move eSolutions joins the AVERE network to lead Europe towards sustainable mobility


February 10, 2022

Free2move eSolutions joins the AVERE network to lead Europe towards sustainable mobility


The European Association for Electromobility – which includes NGOs, research centres and companies – is a platform for continuous dialogue between all members to make possible the European goal of zero-emission mobility

Milan, February 9, 2022 – Free2move eSolutions joins the network of AVERE (European Association for electromobility), the only European association promoting electromobility and sustainable transport in every corner of the continent. Its members, spanning across 21 countries, include NGOs, associations, interest groups, public institutions, research and development centres and vehicle manufacturers who support and encourage the use of electric vehicles and electromobility throughout Europe.
AVERE is a representative association, but above all it is a fully operational entity that from the strength of individuals is able to build a collective success: that of a new form of mobility, to safeguard the future of all.
“A revolution, that of the new mobility, which needs a synthesis of instances, a sharing of knowledge, a platform for dialogue in order to be able to find the decisive driving force” underlines Roberto Di Stefano, CEO of Free2move eSolutions.
Shared knowledge, the promotion of shared progress and the continuous exchange of information between network members are the three pillars that drove Free2move eSolutions to join the largest European network that supports and encourages the ecological transition towards sustainable transport.
The European Green Deal has set targets: the first to be reached by 2030 is to have 100 cities with zero climate impact, a goal that can be achieved above all by increasing the infrastructure network for recharging electric vehicles. A game that Free2move eSolutions has decided to play as a protagonist through the Atlante project. By 2050, the final year of the European plan, almost all new vehicles (cars, vans, buses and heavy vehicles) will have to be zero-emission.
“The partnership with AVERE” concludes Di Stefano “represents a further strategic step towards enabling us to lead the transition to electric mobility. The mission of all partners is to solve complex problems; ours is to simplify and speed up, making a decisive contribution to a more sustainable future”.