Every day we commit to build a cleaner and fairer world because our priority is the people and environment’s well-being

Our commitment

We leverage on Stellantis and  NHOA’s (formerly Engie EPS) expertise in the automotive and energy storage sectors to transform investments in innovation into solutions and services that help our customers into the transition to the mobility of the future.

With an innovative and pioneering spirit, we commit to lead the diffusion of electric mobility, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

We would like to create an ideal world by offering a complete selection of solutions and services more respectful of the environment with the goal of reducing our supply chain environmental impact.

We nurture a culture based on change and capable of creating values for all our stakeholders, starting from our employees.

We offer to our people all the fundamental instruments to develop their competences and to find a fair balance between work and their private life. FamilyWorking is our innovative way to approach work, putting family at its centre.

At Free2Move eSolutions we apply FamilyWorking: an innovative and long-term approach to remote working. FamilyWorking aims at creating a balance between work and private life because the person and its family are at its center.
The innovative side of FamilyWorking is the recognition of the right to go to the office as it is no more the only place to work. We give a new freedom to decide and manage from where to work and we provide the right tools to do so because we believe is the only way to increase well-being and therefore the social sustainability.
Our initiatives in FamilyWorking cover the following areas:

1. Technology

If home is the new office, tools must be adequate. It cannot be acceptable to work remotely without having access to the best technologies, the best infrastructure, and the most realistic and advanced virtual experience. We provide to our people a professional working station.

2. Flexibility

In FamilyWorking, working hours are in function to our people and their family needs, recognizing the significance of the balance between family and work.

3. Time for the family

We help to manage the communication between colleagues in an efficient and sustainable way by highlighting the importance of video phone calls from the working station and respecting colleagues’ calendar.

4. Wellness

FamilyWorking recognizes that mental well-being is linked to physical well-being. We provide concrete tools to promote physical and mental well-being by setting a weekly program of fitness lessons.

5. Parenthood

Thanks to our partnership with the nursery-school, La Locomotiva of Momo – an educational excellence in Milan for 25 years inspired by the Reggio approach – we provide tools and quality content to support the parenting path of our people.